There was a fire at our venue late Christmas Eve, luckily it happened as our staff were leaving for the evening so no one was inside, emergency services were called and responded immediately.

For now it looks like the fire has only affected a small part of the venue and no one was hurt. We would like to thank all the Emergency Services Workers who attended on the night for their diligent work!

At the moment it is looking to be 3 – 6 months, but as we know more will will post it on our Facebook page and our website. If you need to contact us you can still reach us on (08) 9417 1479 and

In the mean time, any gift vouchers can be redeemed at our other venue Barrelhouse Saloon & Eatery, and we can move any affected functions there too

We are looking forward to providing our great food, drinks, and service for you all again!