The Brewery

Operating since 1992, when the complete brewery was transported from a medieval village in Bavaria and re-erected in the Perth Hills by German master brewer Horst Kempf.

The Last Drop Brewery uses a traditional method of brewing according to the standard of the German Law “REINHEITSGEBOT”.  We proudly adhere to this law to deliver the best possible product, by only using the finest yeast imported from Weihen Stephen University Yeast Bank in Bavaria.

The Brewer

Jan Bruckner – Born in the Czech Republic, Jan mastered his craft of brewery studying throughout Europe. Today he brings his expertise and traditional brewing methods to Perth and has done so for the past 20 years with the Last Drop Brewery. Jan and his team have won countless accolades and were awarded Gold at AIBA in 2011 for their Hefeweizen.

Last Drop Brewery and Pub - Beeliar, WA

The Brew

Bohemian Pilsner (4.8%) – a straw coloured Czech style lager. It has been brewed from the local pale and European specialty malts, Czech Saaz and German Tettnanger noble hops and the original lager fermenting yeast. Fermented in open vessels under cold conditions, and then matured under even more extreme cold for period of 8 –12 weeks. This beer is a true example of the traditional brewing claimed by many, but achieved only by few. Our aim was to create a bright lager with a perfect balance between malt and bitterness, making it an easy drinking beer. Feel the hints of bread like flavours, grassy, floral aroma and the tinkling sensation of natural carbonation.

Hefeweizen Wheat Beer (4.8%) – very approachable beer usually appreciated by wheat beer drinkers. Unlike its filtered counterpart Crystal Wheat Beer, this beer has an extremely hazy appearance. This is due to high amount of yeast and protein that was intentionally left in the beer. It has a banana and clove like character and is accompanied by a bubble-gum like flavour.

Crystal Wheat Beer (4.8%) – so different from other beer styles, this beer offers a gateway to the beer world for many punters married to a wine beverage. It was brewed with authentic Bavarian yeast, loads of wheat malt and German Hallertauer hops. This beer was allowed to ferment at higher temperatures, followed by 6 weeks of maturation and subsequent filtration. It has a pronounced fruity, banana like flavours with vanilla and clove bouquet and very low bitterness. Light tartness makes this beer very refreshing and thirst quenching.

Thunderstorm (4.8%) – brewed the same way as our Bohemian Pilsner. This beer developed a slightly more complex background, simply because it was cask conditioned, leaving behind yeast (great source of vitamin B) and protein. This resulted in a robust lager with overpowering malt and just noticeable bitterness. Since the beer was kegged unfiltered the maturation process continues further until it is served in the glass.

Last Drop Bock (4.5%) – we have carefully selected a number of Australian and European specialty malts, German Northern Brewer and Czech Saaz hops to create this unmistakable dark lager. This beer is great for winter months; however it is appreciated by many regular punters whole year around. Think of a delicate chocolate, an aroma of coffee and hints of caramel followed by an intriguing bitterness and pursued by the unexpected dryness. Flavour is very complex, but offers a quest for repeated experience. This dark lager was allowed to mature for a period of minimum 6 weeks in subzero temperatures and is enriched by nitrogen.

Last Drop Mild (3.5%) – although mild beers are considered insignificant by many, we pay special attention to this type of beer. We have blended several types of Australian and European specialty malts with three varieties of hops while employing a special brewing regime creating a highly flavoured light beer. In addition, this beer was dry hopped by Cascade hop variety. This beer has high hop aroma so typical for American pale ales.

Last Drop Pale Ale (4.8%) – newly added to the permanent range, this US style Pale Ale a classic example of a dry hopped new world ale. Brewed from local and English malt, US yeast, hopped and dry hopped with Amarillo and Citra hops.