Teapot Cocktails & Cocktail Jugs

Teapot Cocktails
Cocktail Balloon

Teapot Cocktails

All Teapots for just $20.00!

Tequila Teapot

Clean mango, and green tea flavours, plus a fearsome mix of lemon and Tequila, all perfectly balanced to prove that it is still the original and the best!

Cheeky Monkey

A ripe, fruity mixture of berries and melon, subdued by a fresh green herbal tea, with a cheeky zing of fresh lime to bring out the flavours


Inspiration derived from the tropical heat. A perfect blend of mangoes, bananas and a zest of lemon, blended to create an awesomely refreshing teapot


A teapot based from adventures on the seven seas – spiced rum and cinnamon, mixed with zesty orange and pineapple. This fruity concoction is sure to bring a smile to your face

Cocktail Jugs

Share our great $8.00 range of cocktails with your friends!
$25.00 for a Jug!
$75.00 for a massive 3L Cocktail Balloon!

PIMMS No. 1 | $25.00

Pimms No. 1 soaked with fresh mix of fruit and topped with Lemonade and Dry Ginger Ale